(I am constantly updating my repertoire and would agree any programme with any organiser depending on the specific requirements. This list is merely an example of previously performed music and programmes. If you are interested in a programme proposal please email at

All baroque lute programmes

Weiss, Hasse and Bach – lute music from the high baroque

Previous concerts have included a combination of music by the three composers showcasing the lute repertoire from the high-baroque but cn also focus specifically on any one of the composers.. Repertoire has included:

S. L. Weiss (1687-1750)

  • Sonata in a SW42
  • Sonata in a SW43
  • Sonata in d SW35
  • Passacaglia in D major
  • Prelude and Fantasia in c minor

J. A. Hasse

  • Sonata ‘fatta per la real delfina di Francia’ in A major
  • Sonata in e-flat major

J. S. Bach

  • Suite  BWV 995 (whole)
  • Partita BWV 1006a (whole)
  • Partita/Suite BWV 997 (whole)

Programme on combination of baroque guitar and either baroque lute or theorbo (French, Italian or mixes of everything!)

Performed composers not mentioned above..

Guitar composers:

  • De Visee: Suites and passacaglias
  • Francesco Corbetta: Suites, Caprice de chaconne, Folias
  • Di Murcia: Fandango
  • Bartolotti: Suites

Theorbo composers:

  • De Visee: Suites, Chaconnes
  • Kapsberger: Toccatas, Passacaglias, Dances, Character pieces, Balli, Canzoni
  • Bellerofonte Castaldi: Arpeggiata al mio modo, Tasteggio Soave, La Follia, Furiosa corrente

Baroque lute:

  • De Visee: Suites
  • Couperin/De Visee: Les Sylvains
  • Charles Mouton: La Malassise, La Dèpart, Chaconne
  • Jacques Gallot: La Lucrece
  • Vieux Caultier: Suite in d, Tombeau de Mesangeau, La Poste, Canaries


For Repicco programmes click here..

With Johannes Pramsohler (violin)

Bach and Weiss (violin and baroque lute)

Combination of solos by each composer and the Bach BWV 1025 Suite for violin and baroque lute

Dresden Programme

  • Veracini: Violin sonatas op. 1
  • Bach/Weiss: BWV 1025
  • Solos for violin and lute

With André Lislevand (viola da gamba)

We offer concerts with solos and duos for viola da gamba and lute/guitar/theorbo focussing on specific themes or mixtures of different repertoires.

French repertoire

  • A. Forqueray: Pièces en sol – La Mandoline, La Dubreuil, La Buisson
  • M. Marais: Suites in g minor, g major, d major, Plainte in g, Plainte in D,
  • De Visee: Suites in G and d minor

German repertoire

  • Bach/Weiss: Suite BWV 1025
  • Anonymous/Buxtehude?: Lübecker Sonata
  • Biber: Sonata


  • Viola bastarda repertoire from 16th and 17th centuries
  • Kapsberger: Toccate, Balli, Passacaglie, Kapsberger, Toccata Arpeggiata

With Emil Duncumb (fortepiano)

Viennese 19th Century programme

  • Giuliani/Hummel: Gran Poutpourri National
  • Giuliani: Rondos
  • Ignaz Moscheles: Sonata
  • Diabelli: Grande Sonata
  • Solos for guitar and forte piano from Vienna